Beijing Institute of Architectural Design is Settled In the Beijing City Sub-center, Ingenuity to Create a New Landmark of the City!

On December 26th, the signing event for the companies in Zhangjiawan Design Town was held in Beijing City Sub-center. This group of enterprises is the first batch of 33 industry leaders in the field of urban technology and creative design represented by Beijing Institute of Architectural Design(BIAD) - which also marks a new stage in the construction and development of Zhangjiawan Design Town.

As a large state-owned design institution of the same age as the Republic and the first architectural design institute in New China, BIAD has been deeply involved in the construction of the capital and serving the major national strategies for 70 years, from the "Top Ten Buildings" dedicated to New China to the present-day Beijing Daxing International Airport and the National Speed Skating Stadium of the Winter Olympics, we have dedicated many excellent works that are worthy of the times and have built up an advanced and innovative design system. We have established advanced products, technologies and innovation systems, and formed a structure of top talents in the industry to provide the most comprehensive planning, programming, creativity, design, consulting, science and technology creation and management services for the government and clients in the market today. And the Beijing City Sub-center has a huge market capacity and can provide a lot of scenario space for urban construction, industrial layout and science and technology innovation. We hope that by establishing a strategic partnership with the Beijing City Sub-center and Tongzhou District Government, BIAD will become a long-term, stable and priority strategic partner of the Beijing City Sub-center, a preferred think tank in urban governance, and a pioneering force in the planning and construction, industrial investment and operation and management of Zhangjiawan Design Town.

This is a significant move, on the one hand, it can play a leading role in the industry and drive some sister institutes and some high-end design resources from abroad to gather here, so as to make Zhangjiawan Design Town better. At the same time, through the 70 years of inheritance and precipitation,draw a blueprint for Zhangjiawan Design Town to the end, and contribute more to the construction of the Beijing City Sub-center.