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China (Beijing) Pilot Free Trade Zone

Beijing, the capital of China, has readied itself to the next global business hub.

On September 21, 2020, China's State Council released the "General Plan of China (Beijing) Pilot Free Trade Zone", in which the Tongzhou Cluster (Beijing City Sub-center) includes 10.87 km² of available space around the Canal Business District and Zhangjiawan Design Town.

Here, we will take advantage of the unprecedented policy to focus on building an "International Financial Port" and an "International Design Town".

Integrated National Demonstration Zone
for Opening Up the Services Sector
To better play a leading role in the opening up of China's service industry, Beijing will make every effort to build a national comprehensive demonstration zone for the expansion and opening up of the service industry, focusing on nine key industry areas such as technology services, digital economy and digital trade, financial services, commerce, culture and tourism, education services, and health care. Projects such as Tongzhou Cultural Tourism District will be the key areas in the plan to create a new model for the integrated development of culture, sports and tourism. By 2030, a service industry opening system with high international standards will be built here.
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