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Encourage companies to move in and expand your
1. Encourage companies to move in and expand your business.
Incentivize enterprises to scale up and excel.
2. Incentivize enterprises to scale up and excel.
Help companies recruit talents.
3. Help companies recruit talents.
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Settlement Reward
Settlement Reward
  • Licensed corporate financial institutions to reward up to 50 million (denominated in RMB Yuan, the same below)
  • Additional incentive of 10-15% for foreign licensed financial institutions
  • 2 million bonus for the first branch of licensed corporate financial institutions
  • Financial technology enterprises are rewarded up to 50 million
  • Capital management institutions and wealth management institutions are rewarded up to 60 million
  • Up to 5 million for business headquarters of licensed financial institutions and banking franchise institutions
  • 1 million reward for secondary branches of licensed legal financial institutions
  • 0.5% of paid-up capital reward for "7+4" financial institutions
Office Space Subsidy
Office Space Subsidy
  • Up to 30 million subsidies for purchase of office space
  • Maximum subsidy for renting office space is 50% of the actual rent X 3 years
  • One year free of office space charge for financial institutions headquarters and first-level branches in the preparation period
Green Channel Settlement Service
Green Channel Settlement Service
  • We provide one-on-one ”Green Channel" settlement services for business, taxation and personnel services and other administrative approval-related work