We Are the
Beijing Design Capital Demonstration Zone
  • In 2012, Beijing was officially approved by UNESCO as the "Design Capital" of the Creative Cities Network.
  • In 2016, Beijing established the world's first "International Center for Creativity and Sustainable Development".
  • In 2018, Tongzhou became the demonstration zone for Beijing to build "Design Capital".
Proudly Presenting
Zhangjiawan Design Town

Zhangjiawan Design Town is in a unique location and will become the engine of the entire regional economy in the future. The positioning of the region here is to drive the development and transformation of the economy of Beijing City Sub-center through design industry. The town and its surrounding environment (urban green heart forest park, Universal Studios, Grand Canal) are integrated, and the future design park will create a new office model, where you can "work while you play", and the park may even hold model shows, becoming an important hot spot to attract visitors.

Policies to Help Design Industry Grow
We have facilitation measures and "Green Channel" services for high-end foreign talents who are proficient in a scarce design-related skill
Newly relocated design-related enterprises can receive up to 300,000 yuan in settlement incentives
Design-related enterprises can receive a three-year cumulative maximum of 1 million yuan in rental incentives