The Beijing City Sub-center to Top off Big Project at the end of the Year Reserved for Rail Transportation, Integrat

Between the three major buildings in the Beijing City Sub-center, the underground shared support facilities are under construction in full swing and are expected to be structurally topped out within the year. In the future, people will be able to access theaters, libraries and museums directly through the underground shared space without having to leave the ground level by taking the subway.

Seamless integration of underground space

With the completion of the main structure of the theater, library and museum, the shared facilities are now in full construction phase.

The shared facilities of the three buildings have a total building scale of about 300,000 square meters, including about 49,000 square meters of reserved construction for rail transportation, integrating commercial support, catering services, energy security, cultural creativity, parent-child entertainment, art training, and shared parking.

Shared supporting facilities connect to the library, theater and museum (rendering)

A few days ago, at the construction site of the project of the 2nd standard section of the shared supporting facilities of the three major buildings, the technical staff and master workers of the Urban Railways Company of China Railway 15th Bureau Group were working hard at the site, with steel bars, frames and hoops neatly placed at their feet, welding sparks and machines roaring one after another, and the site was a busy scene.

"We have set off a construction boom of 60 days to ensure that all civil works are completed this year and the underground space structure is topped off." Zhang Yongsheng, project manager of Beijing Urban Green Heart of China Railway 15th Bureau Group City Rail Corporation, introduced. At present, most of the spaces of the three major buildings sharing supporting facilities have achieved the main structure topping, but some of the plots are still in the foundation stage.

"These locations are mostly located in the area bordering the three major buildings, and need the previous batch of builders to complete the main structure and leave the site before they can enter the site and start construction. This part of the space is exactly the focus of the next work." Zhang Yongsheng said, "We need to start from the very beginning of the broken pile, then the construction of the bedding layer, after doing a good waterproof protective layer, and then step by step to complete the construction of the structure of the negative two, negative one to the ground."

The person in charge of the project department of the three major buildings of Beitou Group introduced that the shared supporting project invested and constructed and operated by Beitou Group broke the previous construction mode of public building clusters being independent from planning - the landscape continues and integrates into the urban green heart park, the underground realizes the subway interchange station and the three major buildings seamlessly, and creates the ancient Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal The modern heritage on the waterway.

"The rail transit facilities and shared supporting facilities are modern underground canals carrying transportation and economic attributes, and the three major buildings and each spatial node are piers and stations scattered on the canals."

Renewable energy utilization rate of forty percent

Through the open and shared design, the three major buildings shared supporting facilities will not only bring convenience to people traveling, allowing the immersed public to get a comfortable and convenient experience, but will also reduce the time and space for energy consumption such as lighting, achieving the goal of energy saving and emission reduction in buildings. The shared supporting facilities have been developed and built with a ground source heat pump energy station in combination with the landscape, giving priority to the supply of efficient, clean and economical renewable energy.

It is understood that the total energy supply area of the three buildings and the shared facilities is about 449,300 square meters, equipped with a composite air conditioning system of "ground source heat pump + gas boiler + water storage + chiller". Among them, ground source heat pump is a high-efficiency, energy-saving and environment-friendly form of air conditioning, while water storage can store both cold and heat, further reducing the system operation cost on the basis of ground source heat pump.

The whole system can bear not less than 60% of the heat load in winter, about 53% of the cooling load in summer, to meet the high standard of multi-functional, high comfort and museum heritage protection of constant temperature and humidity environment requirements.

According to the calculation, through the multi-energy complementary comprehensive energy integration system, the proportion of renewable energy utilization in the three major buildings and shared supporting facilities reaches 41.2%, which can save 5059 tons of standard coal and reduce 11,556 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, equivalent to the annual carbon sequestration of about 20 square kilometers of forest.