Two Parcels of Land were Sold in Tongzhou National Industrial Park

▲Lot Renderings

Following the Northwestern Polytechnic University Beijing Research Institute settled in the park, the National Network Security Industrial Park (Tongzhou Park) start-up area TZ07-0102-0052, TZ07-0102-0069 two parcels by Beijing Tongzhou Development Group Co., Ltd. picked up, the National Network Security Industrial Park (Tongzhou Park) in the last half month a total of three parcels sold.


Lot 0052 is proposed to build a cultivation base for leading network security talents. The project has a total investment of 217 million yuan, covers an area of 17,300 square meters, and has a building scale of 20,800 square meters.

The project is a specific initiative to implement the positioning of "Network Security Leading Talents Cultivation Base" and "Implement Network Security Talents Cultivation Plan" in Tongzhou Park of the National Network Security Industry Park Development Plan (Revised Version).

In the future, it will unite the government, industry, schools, research institutions and other resources to build a network security training center, focusing on cultivating innovative talents in information technology applications and network security service talents with hands-on capabilities, and training to build a comprehensive, professional and advanced national team for network security.


Lot 0069 is proposed to be built as a supporting project for the start-up area. The total investment is 233 million yuan, covering an area of 10,600 square meters, with a building scale of 21,400 square meters.

In the future, it will create a comprehensive supporting service area, providing diversified service support for the Northwestern Polytechnic University Beijing Research Institute and the enterprises stationed in the park, promoting the benign development of service support in Tongzhou Park and the steady rise of the economy.

TZ07-0102-0052 and TZ07-0102-0069 were released for listing on May 25, 2021, and were offered for sale by auction. 

This afternoon (July 9), the land transaction will be successfully held, Tongzhou Development Group and Beijing Xiji Chuangyi Investment and Development Co., Ltd. signed the "Land Development and Construction Compensation Agreement", and the District Land Storage Center issued the "Confirmation of Transaction" to Tongzhou Development Group.

As a district-level platform company, Tongzhou Development Group is committed to building a business system that integrates space operation, industry operation, technology service and enterprise service. In order to promote the construction and development of the National Network Security Industrial Park (Tongzhou Park) with high quality and to do a good work of development and construction and industrial development of the National Network Security Industrial Park (Tongzhou Park) with high standard, Tongzhou Development Group will start the architectural design scheme and commercial planning research of the two projects as soon as possible.

The successful de-listing of the industrial land of the National Network Security Industrial Park (Tongzhou Park) marks the continuous improvement of Tongzhou Development Group's ability to integrate investment and financing, construction and operation, which will greatly enhance the efficiency and level of Tongzhou District's urban construction, industrial operation and enterprise services in the future.

This year, the "1N" master plan for the start-up area of the park is being prepared."1" is a summary of the legal block control plan and each special planning scheme;"N" is 7 topics, including industrial development planning, general urban design, ecological landscape and sponge city special planning, municipal special planning, park brand image, land assessment and comprehensive implementation plan for the planning of the Beijing Automotive Group Co.,Ltd and Shougang land.

In the next step, the overall strategic planning of the park and the preparation of commercial and public service packages will be carried out one after another to provide a strong guarantee for the construction and development of the park.