The construction of "Two Zone" in the sub-center of the city is precise, and the construction of investment is escorted.

On the morning of February 19, the Live Forum, a series of lectures on the development of high-precision industries in Beijing's City Sub-center, was held at the Beijing International Wealth Center. With the direction of "how to enjoy better financial services with the policy of Free Trade Area", the forum combined the construction of "Two Zone" in the sub-city center, and the participants discussed the two-way interaction between the macro policy and the enterprise landing service.

The forum was part of the "High Precision Industry Development Lecture Series in Beijing City Sub-center" organized by Tongzhou Investment Promotion Service Center. For the first time, the event opened up the live broadcast platform, opening the door to information access and giving more enterprises the opportunity to learn more about the financial policies of the Free Trade Area.

In addition, the event invited experts with rich practical experience to explain the financial policies of the FTZ in a more direct way. Once the information of the live broadcast was sent out, it received more than 300 enterprises' registration to participate. In addition, a special comment area was opened in the live broadcast platform, and a WeChat exchange group was established to build a communication link between enterprises and the site in real time by means of live broadcast plus interaction. Tongzhou District International Investment Promotion Special Class participated in this lecture synchronously on site, which brought the interconnection between enterprises and government closer.

Lin Wei, the Assistant District Mayor of Tongzhou District. He is also the Economic Advisor to the District Major of Tongzhou: "For us, it is a very special perspective to intervene in this issue from the front line of enterprises this feedback is particularly helpful to help our investment team to understand what kind of policy analysis front-line enterprises actually need to be able to help them develop that other point, but also through today's introduction we can understand which mature free trade zone financial policies can help enterprises to land on a good business"

The construction of "Two Zone" is the key development direction in the 14th Five-Year Plan of Tongzhou District. Seizing the significant historical opportunity of the construction of "two zones", accelerating the linkage and deepening of the policy system is a powerful push to actively promote the construction of the global wealth management center, realizing the opening of financial markets and capital projects, forming headquarters clusters and converging financial elements, allowing the free trade zone to implement one policy in one zone, actively building a "Free Trade Zone" policy in line with the characteristics of the region, setting up an effective capital entry mechanism, and allowing the development cluster of the sub-city center to highlight its own characteristics.

Dong Xu, Marketing Director of Tongzhou Project of Shimao Group: "I think the engine of the whole core area will be more powerful, so I think the support of the financial aspect and the loading of the financial industry will bring more dynamics to the development of the area."